Data Entry & Editing – Basics

Below we provide guidance for entering data into the SCAN-LepNet Symbiota database. It will instruct you on how to search for information, select previously entered information and enter new information under the Editor mode.

To access collection management Editor mode:

  1.  Open browser window (Firefox or Chrome are preferred)
  2.  Go to SCAN
    1. Log In, if you do not have an account, create an account by clicking on new account.
    2. Once you have an account have your collection manager request editor rights for you from the SCAN system administrator (
  3. Once logged in go to Sitemap.
  4. Click on Collections under the Collections header.
  5.  All SCAN participating collections will show, scroll down and click on your respective museum.
  6.  If editor rights are granted, as small pencil will appear at the right of the museum name. Click the small pencil.
  7.  A window named Data Management Control Panel will appear, with the options of:
    1. Add a New Occurrence Record
    2. Edit an Existing Occurrence Record
    3. Print Labels (this feature is not well developed for insect labels, primarily used for plants)
  8. Click on either add/edit occurrence record

You can create URL shortcuts to any of these pages, so in future sessions as long as you are logged in then you can just single-click a bookmark to “Add a New Occurrence Record”

General guidelines

  • Do not use the back button.
  • Be sure to “Add record” when you have finished entering data.
  • Use the tab on your keyboard to move from field to field.
  • If you refresh the page you will lose the values in your fields.
  • Fields in tan auto fill with previous information, unlike fields in white.
  • Firefox or Chrome suggested as your browser.
  • Always make sure you are logged on as yourself, and make sure you log off once you are done working.

Specimen data entry/edit screen in collection management editor mode with main sections in bold (Collector Info, Latest Identification, Locality, Misc., Curation, Other)

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