Schema Mapping

Symbiota (the software powering SCAN) uses the Darwin Core schema to store specimen records in a database.  Insect collections that use spreadsheets and some databases typically do not follow Darwin Core term standards when transcribing specimen label data, so we need to map the original field or column names to respective Darwin Core terms in order to upload.  Below are links to the official Darwin Core reference material, a description of how Symbiota implements Darwin Core and a spreadsheet with some example mappings used by various SCAN collections.

TDWG documentation for Darwin Core (DwC) terms Darwin Core Reference

Darwin Core terms used by Symbiota Symbiota and Darwin Core

This Excel file includes all of the DwC and non-DwC fields that we use Symbiota_data field_Template

This file is a little outdated, but it provides a few examples of data sets we have received and how terms people have created match up with DwC terms  Schema Mapping Examples – excel

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