LepNet Workflow Summary and Collaborations

LepNet Workflow Summary and Collaborations

The workflow of major information inputs and outputs of LepNet is illustrated in Figure 7. Sources of data on the right side of the figure are input including specimen data and images from LepNet collections, and other sources serving specimen and/or observational Lepidoptera occurrences. The other major parts of the workflow include internal Symbiota processes to annotate and serve data, output data flows to aggregators and special use groups, and finally education/outreach flows.

Integration with iDigBio & Others. We presently collaborate with iDigBio through existing TCNs, iDigBio working groups, and through the SCAN web portal [37]andproject website [100]which are both hosted on iDigBio servers. Co-PIs Zaspel (Purdue), Opler (CSU), Kawahara (UF), and Gall (Yale) are each involved in The Lepidopterists’ Society. We will share LepNet content with iDigBio as well as other information portals (Lepidoptera Barcode of Life, EOL, caterpillars.org, GenBank ButterflyNet, MPG, PNW Moths, BAMIN and NAB-NET [32, 34-36, 101]and more general aggregators (e.g., GBIF, IUCN). We correspond with digitization efforts in Canada (Canadensys), Mexico (UNAM), Central America (Neotropical portal), and SpeciesLink (CRIA, Brazil), Atlas of Living Australia, and UNAM in areas of sharing museum data and best practices and other programs that can utilize LepNet data.

Figure 7. Inputs and outputs of LepNet and components operating within the LepNet portal.

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