User Permissions

People’s ability to contribute to Symbiota networks is controlled by their permission level. Collection Administrators (CA) are people who have permission to give others permission to add or edit the records in their collection. Many other permissions, because they have more impact on the whole network (for example, the ability to add field images or view data for specimens of concern), can only be provided by the Network Administrator (NA) but that individual will frequently ask for an endorsement by a CA before granting such a permission. This makes Collection Administrators key to maintaining the quality of information provided by a network.

Data Entry Personnel
Data entry personnel need permission to add and edit records in a collection. To give them this permission:

1.       If the individual does not yet have an account in the network, have them create one.

2.       Login to the network.

3.       Bring up the collection home page by:

a)       Searching collections.

b)      Clicking on the name of your collection.

4.       Click on the pencil in the top right. This will bring up a page with two boxes, the top one is the Data Editing Control Panel, the lower one is the Administration Control Panel. It lists various functions that only a CA can perform.

5.       Click on the third choice in the Administration Control Panel, “Manage Permissions”.

6.       The page that comes up has three panels. The top panel shows who already has permission to add to or edit records for the collection. The second lists the individuals with permission to read information about rare species. The last one is the one needed to give the necessary permissions for entering new and editing old records to the collection.

7.       In the third box:

a)       Use the search box to find the person you wish to add as a member of the collection’s data entry team.

b)      Check the “Editor” button.

c)       Click the “Add permissions for User” button.

Removing Permissions
There may be times when it is best to remove an individual’s permissions to work with a collection. In practice, it is probably done only if an individual makes too many mistakes when entering data but it would probably be a good idea to remove people who will no longer be associated with the collection.

To remove an individual’s permissions for the collection concerned, click the red “X” by their name in the appropriate panel, the top panel to remove their ability to add to or edit records for the collection, the middle panel to remove their ability to view detailed information for records of rare species in the collection.

Prepared by Mary Barkworth Utah State University May 18, 2018

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