Adding New Taxonomic Names

Request permission from Neil Cobb to edit taxonomic tables, then the next time you need to add a name that is not in the table simply enter the name into the data entry field, there should be a pop-up message prompting the user, asking if they want to add the name to the taxonomic thesaurus. Pretty straightforward – make sure parent taxonomies are entered in the data entry fields, follow the prompts, and the name should be added.

Alternatively and more directly, you can add the name directly into the taxonomy tree by going to the following SCAN page:

Enter the parent taxon of the name you wish to add to the database.

Click “Display Taxon Tree”

Click on the green plus sign in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will bring you to the Add Taxon page.

Fill in the information as needed. Taxon name, authorship, taxon rank (species, genus, etc), parent taxon, locality security status (if the species is endangered and needs locality info hidden), etc. When all the appropriate fields are filled out, click on “Submit New Name”.



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