Fieldguide Batch Image Processing

We have the ability for all images to be processed through a computer identification process created and managed by Fieldguide (March, 2018).  Fieldguide  obtains training images for all arthropod taxa with an initial focus on Lepidoptera. The table below is a guide for how long it should take to process images.  These estimates can change depending on the number of users running processes.

Hours Images
1 4,560
2 9,120
3 13,680
4 18,240
5 22,800
6 27,360
24 109,440

Below are the steps for initiating a Fieldguide batch image process.  The process will get better over time in terms of providing a valid identification. Fieldguide will run bi-weekly trainings using additional images that have been acquired and it will get smarter in terms of focusing on the specimen part of the image.  Images where the specimen only takes up a small portion of the image and has additional features (e.g., color cards [bad], and labels) will produce terrible identifications, but will improve over time.  Best results occur where the specimen occupies ~70% of the image with just a scale bar .

YouTube: How to run Fg-Batch in SCAN




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