It’s Time for Lep-ARDY!

LepXplorers battled it out as homeschool participants tested their knowledge of Leps in six different categories in the Lep-ARDY Final Championship. It was a really close game, but in the end the Butterfly team won and all learned what it means to have team spirit and good sportmanship. The MC learned much too. Like how to juggle between reading questions, monitoring turn taking, and making sure the buzzers were being used fairly.  Parents played an important role in keeping score and making sure rules were followed.

Between vacations and illness many could not attend the event so Logie Zacpal (a parent and our program recruiter) broadcast the event live via Facebook to students who could not attend.  Thinking on this later we thought that this might be a great tool to connect multiple institutions and learners via distance learning.

Games are a great tool to engage and excite students about science. Contact Anne Basham for a copy of the game  You can customize it for your own use and comes complete  with sound effects! Overall it was great fun for everyone.  A special thanks to Reid with Youth Downloads.






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