Poweshiek Skipperling data needed!!

Hi everyone,

Chris Marshall, Anna Monfils, Andy Warren, Neil Cobb and I have been discussing a potential collaborative project with the broader LepNet community.

LepNet is interested in accumulating records (images and distribution data) of the endangered North American Poweshiek Skipperling (Oarisma poweshiek, Hesperiidae) for a study led by Dr. Anna Mofils’ lab at Central Michigan University. This species is endangered, and its abundance has declined rapidly within the last 20 years. We are interested in knowing how many specimens exist in North American collections for a potential collaborative publication. If you have records of this species in your collection, or any of the 7 North American Oarisma, or have any questions, please email Anna at monfi1ak@cmich.edu. For the purpose of this publication, we would like to prioritize the digitization Oarisma as part of LepNet.


– Akito Kawahara


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