Toy or Tool? A Lep Digitization tool-toy!

Ideal as a Makerspace project LepXplor participants are challenged to assemble a totally functional Lep digitization tool with Lego blocks.

LexXplor Coorindator Anne Basham will be ordering/ assembling kits that will contain the parts for the smallest model shown in below video. Contact her if interested in using in your own programs at

See additional instructions and info below.


References and Resources

(  For a complete parts list and assembly manual for all IMp models see the supplementary information (

Dupont S, Price B, Blagoderov V (2015) IMp: The customizable LEGO® Pinned Insect Manipulator. ZooKeys 481: 131-138. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.481.8788


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