A phylogenomic analysis of lichen-feeding tiger moths uncovers evolutionary origins of host chemical sequestration


•Phylotranscriptomic analysis helps resolve early relationships in Lithosiini.
•Phylogeny highlights subtribal and generic relationships in need of further study.
•Phenolic sequestration patterns more similar within than among lichen moth species.
•Sequestering phenolics produced by a single pathway may represent a synapomorphy.
•Phenolics from orcinol series may form the basis of chemical defense in Lithosiini.
Clare H.Scott Chialvoa  PabloChialvob  Jeffrey D.Hollandc  Timothy J.Andersonc  Jesse W.Breinholtd  Akito Y.Kawaharad  XinZhouef  ShanlinLiugh  Jennifer M.Zaspelci
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